Bhoger Khichuri Recipe | Bengali Bhoger Khichdi Recipe | Niramish Khichuri

Bhoger Khichuri Recipe

Jump To Recipe When we talk about ‘Bhoger Khichuri Recipe,’ it reminds me of school. For me, ‘Bhoger Khichuri Recipe’ signifies Saraswati Puja in school. I used to eagerly await that day throughout the year. Dressing up in a saree, going to school with friends, and enjoying ‘Bhoger Khichuri’ together made that day truly special. … Read more

Patishapta Pitha | Delicious Patishapta

Patisapta Pithe Recipe

Jump To Recipe Patishapta is one of my favourite pitha in Bengali culture, during the Poush Sankranti festival, which brings warm comfort to the frosty air of January. The day before the festival, my mother would begin preparing pitha, and we, her eager helpers, would be by her side. With practised ease, she’d shape rice … Read more

Sondesh Recipe | Delicious Sondesh Bengali Sweet | Kheerer Sondesh

kheerer Sondesh

Story behind Sondesh Recipe.The small town of Shillong, which is tucked away in the middle of nature, offers a poignant tale of a valued family tradition that has been passed down through the ages. A simple yet elegant tin box (container) with a tiger’s face that has been used for more than 50 years to … Read more

Narkeler Tokti A Bengali Sweet Delight | Narkeler Barfi | Coconut Barfi

Narkeler Tokti

The delicious Narkeler Tokti, which is practically lost to history, was once the epitome of Bijoya Dashami celebrations. This unique occasion was associated with a variety of coconut-based desserts during the time of the Dida-Thakuma (grandmothers), including Narkeler Tokti,  Sandesh, and Naru. These were the comforting foods that drew family and friends together for Durga … Read more

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